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The Company

Sparking Desire with a Passion for Innovative Design

Desire is at the heart of the Jeffrey Hunt brand. Our pieces are worn as an act of self-expression, motivated by a desire to share beauty. The desire comes from developing the story in gemstone that plays out in the overall design of each finished jewelry piece. Each facet starts a dialogue that leaves an indelible impression.

Creative Director Jeffrey Hunt has a background in theatre. He is internationally known for avant-garde as well as classic dramatic settings. Observing color in every detail and playing with light, his stage work gives visual context and emotional impact to the stories told in these environments.

Jeffrey brings this background in theatre to the art of creating gem designs and distinctive jewelry. With equal parts inspiration and intuition, Jeffrey designs through a process that is one of discovery, expressing the interplay of color, light, form, and movement in the gems and finished jewelry pieces.

With gemstones and with theatrical set design, it is the same. Everything the audience sees is important. I want to create something truly unique that draws you in. There is a moment you recognize immediately; when you know: Yes! That is it exactly. It makes you stop and say: ‘I love that. I want that.’


About the Company

Jeffrey Hunt teamed with international luxury brand builder William Rosenberger to form Jeffrey Hunt, Inc. The company is launching in early 2020 with a range of one-of-a-kind pieces and distinctive jewelry collections that feature a variety of gemstones across various levels of retail pricing. Selected pieces will be available direct to jewelry connoisseurs and other pieces and collections will be sold through select jewelry retailers.